New flash! I would love to do some more black and grey. This four ladies are all available to be tattooed, in Newcastle, Sydney or London! Email me for details here inmatattooartist@gmail.com


Monday mood: Expanding! Etsy clearance going on at the moment while stock last, making room in my mind and my folder for what is to come. All incoming orders this week will be going out Monday the 14th when back at work, and then after back to normal 1 day shipping. Link to shop here


January 17-19th LESS THAN TWO WEEKS NEWCASTLE! First guestspot of the year, at none other than Eddy Lou’s  FLT studio. Very excited to make this little trip up North soon. I have space available Thursday and Friday, and possibly for something very small on  Saturday. For appointments please email me here inmatattooartist@gmail.com Thank you and Read more about NEWCASTLE GUESTSPOT[…]

The Esoteric side of Aboriginal Culture

After some further travel across the Australian continent, I am happy to have a new contribution for the fantastic New Acropolis bi-monthly magazine. Following  my previous article about  Aboriginal Culture and it’s relationship to the land, the Esoteric side of Aboriginal culture goes a bit more in depth into the esoteric practises of this fascinating Read more about The Esoteric side of Aboriginal Culture[…]

Aboriginal culture and it’s relationship to the land

While I was away on my travels and able to immerse myself in the amazing country that Australia is, I had the pleasure of writing an article about Aboriginal culture and its relationship to the land for the wonderful New Acropolis bi-monthly magazine. For those interested in the subject I transcript the article below or  Read more about Aboriginal culture and it’s relationship to the land[…]


Excited to announce that me and Ramon Maiden (aka Spider&Rider) creations can now be found at Nelly Duff gallery in Columbia Road, London To purchase our prints visit the gallery online store or better yet pay them a visit in person! http://www.nellyduff.com/artists/ramon-maiden-inma