I am happy to have been able to put a few pieces of original art together during our quarantine at home that are now ready to be released into the world 💫
There will be further additions to the small collection in the next few days so keep an eye!

I have always struggled with letting go of my originals, mainly because outside of tattooing free time to paint is quite precious and rare…

Sitting in limbo is affording me the chance to reevaluate my concept of time and livelihood though, and now I’m approaching my pieces with a bit more freedom and less attachment, knowing the process is giving me all the joy I need and the final product must go on. A bit like a tattoo I suppose, originals carry a very special energy.

Trying to get creative with new ways to generate an income during this unusual times so keeping prices as affordable as possible,hopefully there is something there for every budget!

If you see something you like and have a specific budget in mind get in touch and we can work on customising a piece.

A big thank you to all the clients that have gotten in touch this last few weeks, these are strange times for everyone and I truly appreciate your continuous support!